October 27, 2010


"Arancam, as Christian, was impressive: There's strength and, as with Domingo, an easiness to his singing. He reaches up to grab a high note and you barely notice."
Richard Scheinin, The Mercury News.

"Thiago Arancam seemed the embodiment of Christian de Neuveville, singing with forcefulness."
The Opera Tattler.

"Roxane was well matched by the company debut of tenor Thiago Arancam as a crisp-voiced Christian."
Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle.

"Brazilian tenor Thiago Arancam was an appealing Christian."  
Janos Gereben, San Francisco Examiner.

"Soprano Ainhoa Arteta as Roxane and tenor Thiago Arancam as Christian have the looks for the part: they're both stunning. Plus they can sing, she with a clear voice that cuts through the orchestra, he with a bright tenor which holds his own against Domingo's."
Cedric, SFist.com

"Arteta gave a powerful performance, which is doubly impressive when appearing alongside such a giant of opera as Plácido Domingo. This also goes for the remarkably gifted Arancam, who proved he can clearly hold his own at this relatively early stage in his career."
Eman Isadiar, The Epoch Times 

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