October 20, 2010


The Brazilian tenor, Mr. Thiago Arancam is in San Francisco to make his debut as Christian de Neuville in Cyrano de Bergerac with the San Francisco Opera one week from this evening on Sunday October 24th. at 2 P.M. Mr. Arancam is one of a select group of international vocal artists whose path to global stardom is all but assured. COMMANDOpera is most inclined to look at artists more out of what they represent vocally as opposed to the particular houses they may appear in. A great and unique voice is the superlative mark of the worthiest artists who all eventually are invited to global houses. Mr. Arancam is most unique and unusual insofar as the artist not only possesses an incredibly singular vocal instrument of range and timbre (which has already been recognised and sought after by top tier theatres), but his dramatic presence onstage is rivetting, transmitting to the farthest reaches of any theatre. The man dominates visually like no other. COMMANDOpera determined to go with a photograph of Mr. Arancam in costume as Pollione in Norma. [...continue]

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